Evil Chicken

The Turkening Approaches. The Evil Chicken Strikes

Not post this week, thanks giving is coming and I got messed up real good by KFC.  Thanks for the food poisoning Orlando KFC!  Assholes.

But let’s talk about that because in retrospect, all the warning signs were there.


That’s right Orlando KFC,  I know now that you knew the chicken was raw and under cooked, CHOSE to say nothing and served it to me anyways.  Because you half-hearted attempted gave you away.  Every single one of you should be fired for it.

This happens to everyone.

Tell me if this situation doesn’t happen or hasn’t happened to you.

You walk into KFC (or another establishment), place your order and wait.

When you get your food, you realize they gave you parts of the wrong order.  Or while they are putting your order together, you catch the person behind the counter throwing the wrong chicken in your bucket or they look confused at what you did order then put the wrong chicken in anyways.

You call for their attention to correct them and…

This was the first warning sign that something was wrong.  Why would you look at what I ordered, consider it, and put it back?  Why would you do that?

It’s obvious too me now that they knew the chicken I ordered (grilled) was under cooked and not ready.   Instead of letting me know they weren’t ready yet and offering a ssubstitutionwhen I objected, the clerk just put the grilled chicken  in the bucket and said NOTHING


I’ll never eat at KFC again, everyone in my office ate some of that chicken.   You assholes at KFC could have killed someone and you know what the worse part is, I’m sure KFC would rather replace the bucket of chicken instead of fixing their quality control.

I know this because your store manager GAVE ME ANOTHER BUCKET.

Untouched picture of #kfc original chicken. Everyone in the office was eating this before we caught it. Blergh…

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Now let me ruin your day with a quote

my explosive diarrhea will blot out the sun then we will have explosive diarrhea in the shade -u/MentionsDiarrhea

Not the best source of wisdom, but sums up how parts of me feel.