Six Questions

So here’s the deal.

Searching for Six QuestionsI used to be many things, I am many other things.  I can be so much more. It’s the last one that matters the most.  I have six questions I always ask myself.

Why? Because now I have a plan.

Starting now, October 21st, 2014 July 12th, 2017, I will focus on moving forward, in the direction I need to — even if that’s against the current. I will scour and learn everything I can get my hands on to make myself better. I’ll focus on finding practical, real tips to make my life better. I will share everything I can here  too. You don’t have to do anything except read on (but I wouldn’t mind a few words of encouragement when the road gets tough or the weather turns rough). I believe that if what I find is valuable, people like you will help me.   After all, you’re reading my silly ‘about’ page, so you and I must share looking for things in common.

What can you expect out of this site? I have some ideas.  Some are stupid, but some might pan out useful.

But at the end, my plan is to build a framework that makes me a better person than I am now.   I think that’s possible with just Six Questions.  With less of my failings and weaknesses, more of my strengths and character.

The goal is to be much more than I can be.

What makes me tick?
Six Questions

  1. Who Am I?
    I’m just some guy, some stranger you might just be meeting for the first time on the internet.  I’m an atheist, for no other reason than the fact than I find the universe larger, more wondrous, more amazing than any god could measure up to.  I enjoy video games, movies, science fiction, music and rambling about all sorts of things I know and learn.   I also enjoy writing (terribly) for pleasure.
  2. What Do I Want?
    It sounds selfish, but I want what’s owed to me.  The universe owes me nothing, that’s not what owes me.  I owe myself everything because I’m the only person who will get it.  I need to go out and get what I want, not wait for it to come to me.  I can’t sit around doing nothing expecting good things to happen.  I need to do things yesterday so I can have it today so I don’t need to work for it tomorrow.  If I want forgiveness and compassion, I have to first ask myself for it.  If I want to be fit and health, I have to exercise for it.  If I want to find out what comes next on Game of Thrones, I better read a book or two.  I like to think it make sense.
  3. Where Am I Going?
    Well, if I keep this up, I know the answer.  No Where.  That what I did yesterday got me.   I’m going to get better, stronger, healthier, smarter and bolder and I’m going to do it so I can survive and keep going.  I’m not going to idle and waste, I’m going forward and once I start moving, I won’t stop.  I don’t know where I’ll end up or how far I’ll go, but as long as it’s not No Where, I’m going.
  4. Why Am I Here?
    I won’t go into details, not now and probably never.  But simply put, I let go.  I gave up, I threw in the towel and saw no purpose in even trying.  So I fell, I sank, I lost and I’m still losing.  I don’t plan to put my hands back on the helm, raise a sunken ship or reclaim what I’ve lost.  No, lifting the dead carcass of one’s life is an exercise of futility.  I’m here, because I did it to myself and let others do it to me.  So I better do something about it, don’t you agree?
  5. Who Do I Serve?
    I’ll work my ass off and into a grave in the service of others. And then I’ll work my ass off again after that. But that doesn’t serve my goals, my life, myself.  What it serves is people who may or may not reciprocate and appreciate the service they receive from those around them.  Who I serve are those worth my trust and my friendship, not those who are unaware of their fellow men and woman in just the same struggle as one another.  So if we do this, we do this together.
  6. Who Do I Trust?
    Often, people tell me trust is earned, not given.  Maybe so.  To me, Trust is a character trait that one can excel at or one can fail at.  A lifetime building trust means nothing if at the crucial moment one chooses to break that trust.  Don’t you agree?  And is it not agreeable that if Trust is broken, others who learn of it view you as untrustworthy.  So trust is a measure of worth, not earnings.  Just a thought.

So, now that’s out there and that, well. I sound like a self-righteous prick.  It takes only six questions.

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