Post 3 Yay!

Post Three

Well, this is something, isn’t it?  I’ve made it to three posts on my personal blog without resorting to memes and pictures or a video.   Personal best for be now, still, I don’t know what to write about or what to cover.  I just felt like celebrating the fact I posted 3 posts.  I need some structure to what I do, I actually doubt I can get away with posting nonsense all the time.

I refuse to pre-plan my posts!

There, I said it.  I’ve mentioned several times that posting cannot be a chore — especially if one isn’t getting paid for it.  If you get paid to post, monetize, whatever, then it’s a job.

And yet, if I don’t plan my posts, they end up being nightmares of chaos and confusion, with a narrative that wildly spills all over the page and no cohesion.  That’s not good, not good at all.   So planning is needed, but not something massive or structural.

I mentioned before I end up writing the posts in the last few hours of my posting deadline.  That’s what a lack of planning does.  It makes procrastination easy.  It prevents editing and clean up.  It blocks unity in the narrative.

So Let’s fix that.

Since it’s a very easy fix.   My Posts are due on Mondays, so why not set the deadline for Friday?  That lets me take the weekend off and give it once over before posting and editing.  I can plug away during the week, edit on Friday and post Monday.    Sounds easy enough.

Not That Easy

I still have to overcome the chief problem, is that I’m fundamentally lazy.  I get the urge to do things when I can’t do it and I don’t feel like doing the very same thing later.  They say fear in the mind killer, so it might be a safe assumption then to say Timing is the Productivity Killer.  So If Something is important enough to me, I should just make the time, shouldn’t I?

The problem with laziness is that it’s more often than not, I feel, mood-dependent.  I shouldn’t just put something off, even if I just write a line or leave myself a note that should be enough to get me back into the excitement to write or do what I need to do.

Now About that Thing…

The NaNoWriMo, right.  Well, I made it on the first day to me goal, got up nice and early and hammered out 500 words, before I scrapped it and wrote another 1400 words.  I know I need to write about 1700 a day to make the goal at the end of the month so missing a day, even coming it at half way will be a massive setback.  So here’s the numbers so far

  • Nov.1 : 1,452/1,667 Words written at 5am!
  • Nov. 2 : 548/1,667 Words written on and off across the day
  • Nov. 3 : NOTHING YET!  Because I hit the snooze button instead of writing.

Math isn’t looking good and I’m 3 days in.  Uh-oh.  This is where my super-clever back up plan comes into effect.  See, I knew I was going to fumble early on.   So Before the month started, I wrote 500-800 word chapter summaries so I would know what to write.  In some cases, they actually work as scenes without dialogue written!   Yes, this plan is clever and diabolical! Muahahaha

Of course, Plans never work.   First day of writing, I tossed the first two chapter outlines.

But that’s okay.


Because I knew my backup plan wasn’t going to survive either and that was the point of the pre-plan.