depression is depressing shit

:/ Days

The thing about depression is this:

No matter ow much one thinks one has beat it, it’s always there. Always lurking. Always hunting.

And as long as the conditions for depression’s prosperity exists, there’s no chance to shake it. All one can do is try to out run it.

Evil Chicken

The Turkening Approaches. The Evil Chicken Strikes

Not post this week, thanks giving is coming and I got messed up real good by KFC.  Thanks for the food poisoning Orlando KFC!  Assholes.

But let’s talk about that because in retrospect, all the warning signs were there.


That’s right Orlando KFC,  I know now that you knew the chicken was raw and under cooked, CHOSE to say nothing and served it to me anyways.  Because you half-hearted attempted gave you away.  Every single one of you should be fired for it.

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I promise I don't write slash fiction

Years and Drafts Later, Thoughts on Writing.

When I first had the idea to write, I conceived of my idea as a TV series, a cinematic experience.  Like that would ever happen. About as likely as getting published as a book.  But then again, if profit was my motive and it didn’t pan out, I wouldn’t write past that.  But I actually like writing!  So my goal, my driving force is writing for myself and no one else.

A Draft Later

But I learned some lessons on that first draft.  Oh boy, did I learn some lessons.  I could just write a book on the lessons I learned, but I don’t feel like doing that.  Ever.   So I’ll settle for a blog post of few on it and call it done.  Hopefully my struggles in writing can help you too.

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Not those kind of bookmarks

23272 Bookmarks, Order in the Chaos

I’m not kidding, that’s how many bookmarks I have.  I saved everything!  EVERYTHING!!!  And often for the simple reason I was in a hurry or I wanted to read it again later.  Maybe some little tidbit.  Some of these bookmarks are netscape search results! So we’re talking old as dirt book marks.  No order within them either, just chaos.   I’m not even talking about the 8000+ saved tabs I have stored between my computers.

I Should Delete Them All

I need a solution, a final solution for all these bookmarks.  This is madness, even if I set myself to sorting 80 a day, It would take over a year to wrangle it all. Continue reading →

Post 3 Yay!

Post Three

Well, this is something, isn’t it?  I’ve made it to three posts on my personal blog without resorting to memes and pictures or a video.   Personal best for be now, still, I don’t know what to write about or what to cover.  I just felt like celebrating the fact I posted 3 posts.  I need some structure to what I do, I actually doubt I can get away with posting nonsense all the time.

I refuse to pre-plan my posts!

There, I said it.  I’ve mentioned several times that posting cannot be a chore — especially if one isn’t getting paid for it.  If you get paid to post, monetize, whatever, then it’s a job.

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Shadows of November City

The Other Siege of November

So I decided to take part in NaNoWriMo this year after spectacularly messing it up last year, forgetting the year earlier and finding out about it a few years ago.   This time I’m tackling it with a battle plan a year in the making.

Power-Point-less Battle Plan in the Event of Horrible Events

Unless something horrible happens, I figure this should work.  I spent most of the year on and off working on it so I can focus on just writing and outputting content.
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