It All Falls Down

It seems like I make this post all to often. Lamenting not posting. Promising to post more. Thinking that if I try hard enough, that I’ll move forward. 3 years from that, 7 years ago, 10 years past, after 15 years and so on. It’s an endless cycle of doing nothing, absolutely nothing. My best plans, it all falls down in the end.  I wake up, either hopeful for the day or already downtrodden and exhausted. I go through my ritual, sometimes looking every bit the professional or sometimes I just pull something on from the hamper and drag my feet. Sometimes I eat breakfast while other days I just warm up last night’s coffee.  Instead, I just fall down.

And my days go like that, and in reflection, there are more of the other days and other times than the better days.

Time moves on, I fail to move forward.

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Long Time from an Old Place, but Never Going Back

In life, it goes without saying that mistakes will be made and some mistakes will be turning points.  Things we loved, enjoyed, liked we once walk from and never go back to.   It happens more than once, it happens over and over again.

And we let go of these things, we loose them.  That’s life.

But sometimes, if we want it, if we get over our hang ups and regrets and burnt hopes-  we can get it back.

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Evil Chicken

The Turkening Approaches. The Evil Chicken Strikes

Not post this week, thanks giving is coming and I got messed up real good by KFC.  Thanks for the food poisoning Orlando KFC!  Assholes.

But let’s talk about that because in retrospect, all the warning signs were there.


That’s right Orlando KFC,  I know now that you knew the chicken was raw and under cooked, CHOSE to say nothing and served it to me anyways.  Because you half-hearted attempted gave you away.  Every single one of you should be fired for it.

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