Shadows of November City

The Other Siege of November

So I decided to take part in NaNoWriMo this year after spectacularly messing it up last year, forgetting the year earlier and finding out about it a few years ago.   This time I’m tackling it with a battle plan a year in the making.

Power-Point-less Battle Plan in the Event of Horrible Events

Unless something horrible happens, I figure this should work.  I spent most of the year on and off working on it so I can focus on just writing and outputting content.
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New Start


I have written this article a bunch of times.  Where to start?  When?

It only matters that I Start.  Everything else is meaningless.

Because until I start, or you start, nothing has happened.  Nothing will happen until there is a beginning, obviously.  So here I am, trying to think of a beginning.   Since the last time I’ve tried to write this first article, it’s been years and I’ve written variants of it over and over and different blogs and sites for myself I’ve started.

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