I promise I don't write slash fiction

Years and Drafts Later, Thoughts on Writing.

When I first had the idea to write, I conceived of my idea as a TV series, a cinematic experience.  Like that would ever happen. About as likely as getting published as a book.  But then again, if profit was my motive and it didn’t pan out, I wouldn’t write past that.  But I actually like writing!  So my goal, my driving force is writing for myself and no one else.

A Draft Later

But I learned some lessons on that first draft.  Oh boy, did I learn some lessons.  I could just write a book on the lessons I learned, but I don’t feel like doing that.  Ever.   So I’ll settle for a blog post of few on it and call it done.  Hopefully my struggles in writing can help you too.

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Post 3 Yay!

Post Three

Well, this is something, isn’t it?  I’ve made it to three posts on my personal blog without resorting to memes and pictures or a video.   Personal best for be now, still, I don’t know what to write about or what to cover.  I just felt like celebrating the fact I posted 3 posts.  I need some structure to what I do, I actually doubt I can get away with posting nonsense all the time.

I refuse to pre-plan my posts!

There, I said it.  I’ve mentioned several times that posting cannot be a chore — especially if one isn’t getting paid for it.  If you get paid to post, monetize, whatever, then it’s a job.

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Shadows of November City

The Other Siege of November

So I decided to take part in NaNoWriMo this year after spectacularly messing it up last year, forgetting the year earlier and finding out about it a few years ago.   This time I’m tackling it with a battle plan a year in the making.

Power-Point-less Battle Plan in the Event of Horrible Events

Unless something horrible happens, I figure this should work.  I spent most of the year on and off working on it so I can focus on just writing and outputting content.
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