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A Dream of Theron WilliamsMy name is DTSL Williams and I am an Orlando web designer at Orb Portals Studio, the site where I post my work, talents, and internet services. Comments in my blog, The Back Office, does not reflect the opinions or operating procedures and standards of Orb Portals Studio and other affiliated sites on

This Blog is a place for where I can vent, and while I may vent in irrational means, I assure you, I’m far nicer in reality.


Inquiries: Please leave a message on my comments pages or email me.  I don’t have a cell at the moment because I heard cell phones might cause testicular cancer!  Actually it is because I don’t like cell phones.

General OrbPortals Questions: I’d say contact the help desk at, but seeing as that’s also my job…. Call the number above or email me or comments.

Complaints: The best thing to do, if you have a complaint, is to start with the help desk. Ask a short, friendly question, and I will love to help you as much as I can or direct you to someone who can better help you.

The Orb Award: This project is still in the works. Best to just use the number above.

Other Inquiries (related to me or my position) these can best be sent to my email, and I’ll answer them the best I can. Avoid being purged by my spam filters by including “Orb Portals” or “The Back Office” in the subject line.

My Itinerary

About 3-4 hours at home each day, About 1-2 hours at the office, and the rest in the field. Safe bet is to email me.

Travel Plans:

  • Monday-Friday & Saturday is work.
  • After hours Hanging out with my little brother, family, or watching out for them.
  • Stay at Home because I have too much to do and nothing to show for it.

My Goals

  • Start saving money for retirement
  • Finish and Launch Advent Empires
  • Own a Home and Car
  • Loose Weight
  • Get the Girl

My Commitments

  • My Parents and Their Business
  • Doing other people’s work

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