Not those kind of bookmarks

23272 Bookmarks, Order in the Chaos

I’m not kidding, that’s how many bookmarks I have.  I saved everything!  EVERYTHING!!!  And often for the simple reason I was in a hurry or I wanted to read it again later.  Maybe some little tidbit.  Some of these bookmarks are netscape search results! So we’re talking old as dirt book marks.  No order within them either, just chaos.   I’m not even talking about the 8000+ saved tabs I have stored between my computers.

I Should Delete Them All

I need a solution, a final solution for all these bookmarks.  This is madness, even if I set myself to sorting 80 a day, It would take over a year to wrangle it all.

I’ll admit it, I let them get out of control, way out of control.   The number is just insane and unmanageable.  I don’t even know 1% of what I have bookmarked!   I should, but any reason I give on why is an excuse on why I didn’t manage it better.   I’ve made attempts, but holy hell-

This is an impossible task.

I Should Delete Them All

Currently, I organize bookmarks into Shopping, Frequently Visited, Personal, Research, Work, Tools, and folders for my handful of projects.  I also have two more folders for them.  Unsorted and Recent.   Guess where all the bookmarks are.

In the wrong folders, of course

Serious, most aren’t even in unsorted and recent!   That’s just how much of a problem this is.   It’s a total mess, I don’t feel like sorting 80 book marks a day!  I got better things to… LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE!  I tried to sort 80 book marks one day, just once.  Can’t say I didn’t try!  I’ll never try it again.

But I’ll Try This!

So here’s the new try, the new plan.

I’m going to dump them all.  Delete.  All Gone, Bye-bye!

It’s drastic, but I can’t see any other reasonable way-  unless I hire someone to do it for me!   I’ll make a backup, a list if you will of everything to reference if I elect to do so, but the active bookmarks I’ll be using day to day will be fresh and new and No where near 30000!  I won’t let that happen again.

Having that many bookmarks unsorted is just stressful.  It’s like digital hording.  It creates a mess that leads to stress, dealing with the mess is stressful, not dealing with it is stressful. It adds to a pile of daily stress.   Well, that actually describes my hard drive too.  I’m just gonna add a note to myself to clean that out too!


And good ridden too it all.

All Bookmarks Must Die.