New Start


I have written this article a bunch of times.  Where to start?  When?

It only matters that I Start.  Everything else is meaningless.

Because until I start, or you start, nothing has happened.  Nothing will happen until there is a beginning, obviously.  So here I am, trying to think of a beginning.   Since the last time I’ve tried to write this first article, it’s been years and I’ve written variants of it over and over and different blogs and sites for myself I’ve started.

Because, honest now, who really wants to write a blog?

I mean, Blergh?

What’s the point with Facebook, instragram, twitter, vine, and the rest?   Sign up for one.  Then up and running in 5 minutes anywhere else to your heart’s delight.  Posting pictures of your puppy.  Sharing everything you eat.  Ranting at shifting passive aggression.  Re-posting memes.  Eventually your hourly posts drop to daily, than weekly, then monthly, then to frustrated half-assed attempts to start again until it becomes a chore.

And on and on and on.

But you know what it lacks?  I’ll tell you.  I know what it lacks.


Here, I can do whatever I like.  Post what I like and how I like it.

Of course, the next problem arises is what to post.  Anything I want I suppose, doesn’t matter.   It’s my damned site and I owe it to no one except me to post what I want.  So that’s what I’ll do.

But on a serious note, My main goal for my personal site here is to carve out a place to post my ideas, experiments, thoughts and what not as I work to improve myself and become a better person.  Hopefully you’ll join and enjoy the ride.   I know I won’t (because it involves exercise and doing stuff and I’m lazy).

Enjoy my site, and drop me a line if you feel inclined!

A New Start For Me.